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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I often ask myself, aloud, "Why did God give me three boys and not any girls?".  My husband and I have three boys.  Their ages are 10 (soon to be 11), 15 and 17 yrs of age.  Having two teens has its pros and cons let me tell you, but that is a whole new blog!  

We see friends and relatives that have girls and they are so adorable.  Not that my boys weren't at one time when they were young, but not adorable like little girls are.  My niece wears pinks and browns, pinks and purples, and yellow and light blues.  She wears dresses and leggings, skirts and little dress shoes with a matching purse.  How sweet is that!  (Definitely not a question.) When my husband and I discuss this issue, he always tell me, "God thought we could only raise boys so that is what he gave us."  I just laughed it off.  But when I truly think about why God gave us boys instead of girls, I do not question him.  My husband is right.  Not that we cannot raise girls; we just weren't meant to have them. Why?  There is a reason why I have my three boys and no girls. But the reason(s) doesn't matter.  God has his reason(s) and I may never know what they are.  We are content with our boys because we know that there is a reason why we do not have girls.  Our boys are ours.  They are special.  We love them.  That is all that matters.

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