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Monday, February 10, 2014

# 1 mistake homeschool moms make

As homeschool mom's we do make mistakes in our homeschooling lives.  One of the most important lessons I have learned in the past ten years of our homeschooling is that we should not compare to other families.  This may seem very easy to achieve, but it is not.  In fact, it is one of the hardest.  

We see on facebook, blogs, and other social media about how well we are all doing with homeschooling our children.  We see the fun experiments, exciting field trips, and several other things and we (I use the word 'we' often here, but I should be typing 'I') start to think.....'Wow, I wish I could do that' or 'They are so talented, where is my talent?'.  This was very tough to do but I don't do this comparison any more.  I have learned that it isn't necessary, it's not good for me or the kids, and there is nothing productive coming out of the comparison.  Now the ideas are great, if you can keep the comparing out.  

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Another reason why I think I am finally beyond that part of my homeschool life is that I am now older and....well..... I really don't care what others are doing and I don't care what they think of my abilities to homeschool.  lol.  Sounds rude, but it's true.  When Jesus was here on earth, do you think he cared about what people were saying about him behind his back?  Do you think he worried about what they thought of his healings or word from the Lord?  The answer is no.  He was here on earth for a short time and had a job to do.  That is how I feel about homeschooling my children.  God has given me this ability and I am going to do my job with his guidance in the short time I have with my children.  That is the job he has given me to do and I cannot worry about who is thinking what.  Besides, worry and anxiety come from the devil.  The Lord made all things good, it says in Genesis chapter 1, therefore worry and anxiety come from satan.  I will not take part. 

So before you start to compare, think about how blessed you are that the Lord has given you this marvelous opportunity to homeschool your children.  Think about how special you are to be given that wonderful responsibility from the Lord God.  He has trusted YOU to educate your are blessed!
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