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Monday, July 1, 2013

Make a list of things to accomplish this homeschool year!

There is so many things as a homeschool mother that I want to teach my children & tweak our homeschool.  There just isn't enough time in the day to add too much 'new' stuff.  I have an idea in my head about things I want them to learn about this year and things I want to 'tweak'.  I don't believe that over loading the kids with nonsense or 'busy work' is fair,  so make these additions worth the time.  So make sure you ask yourself what benefit will the children be gaining with this 'add on'.  Is this leaving you free time but not gaining the children anything beneficial?  Being a homeschool mother, you know that time is more valuable than gold these days.   There also is only a certain amount of 'attention time span' that one contains - child and adult.  When one sits too long, their bottom gets tired and they start loosing focus.  Funny, our pastor just mentioned that in church this past Sunday and it is so true!

So I figured out how to pick and choose what I want to accomplish this homeschool year.  And if I don't get to that particular subject or topic, then we'll get to it the next homeschool year. :) There are several things that we are doing, that I want to focus a bit more on as well.

So here is a list that I want my high schooler to accomplish this year.  I guess you could say that these are MY goals for him this year.

*  more practice with balancing his saving account statement

*  more volunteer work in the community

*  more productive in time management

*  setting a 'wake up' time and sticking to it

*  eating breakfast (seems like it wouldn't be a challenge, but it is)

*  create a resume

*  practice an interview

*  start calling around to colleges for information needed and how to obtain scholarships

For my higher elementary age child, this is my list for him to accomplish this year.

*  more independent reading of school lessons / directions

*  more writing & reading practice

*  write more letters to Grandma

*  more productive in time management (yes, this could be on my list as well)

*  take more responsibility around the house with chores

*  more of a concrete schedule for the homeschool day in general

Now for MOM's list to accomplish:

*  make better use in time management ;)

*  remove distractions from our homeschool day (like not answering phone)

*  schedule a set time to break for lunch 

*  schedule a set time to return calls and take care of duties

*  delegate more things to the children

*  set one afternoon for errands, appointments and grocery store runs

*  get up and start my day earlier (so I get my part time job finished or at least started before the kids get up)

*  have a dinner plan the night before

This is just a start.  Good news is that I can add to this all summer as I plan my next homeschool year.

So think about what YOU would like to implement into your homeschool year.  What would you like to add?  Is there anything you don't like or you think might not be working?  What about taking something out?  

Your homeschool planning is totally up to you.  If there isn't time for spelling, spanish or music, then take a year off!  Yes, I did just say to take a year off of these.  It's ok.  Your child will not forget to spell, speak spanish or even play their instrument.  Remember, your homeschool MUST work for your family.  

We all at one point or another see other homeschool families and think 'Wow, I wish we could do that' or 'We aren't doing any of that, should we be?'.  We compare our homeschools to others.  Don't.  Every homeschool family is different.  Every homeschool family's needs are different.  What will work for your family, may not work for another and vice versa.  So try not to compare.  Sharing homeschool schedules and plans are good though.  Getting new homeschool ideas and strategies  are always good.  Just keep in mind ..... share..... don't compare.  

I hope your upcoming homeschooling year is awesome!  

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