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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Being Thankful

Being thankful isn't just about saying 'Thank You'.  It has to do with our attitude and how we treat others.  When we are thankful for our family, we treat our family well.  We look after one another, we give advice when we feel necessary, we do things for each other without complaining (yes, without complaining),  and we love them unconditionally like Christ loves us. 

Being thankful for our church is doing the same.  Being there and doing things for each other unconditional.  Loving one another like Christ loves us.

Being thankful for our bodies is treating our body with respect.  We should eat right, drink lots of water, fill it with the good natural things that God intended it to be filled with.  Respect it.  Take care of it.

Being thankful for my husband means being there for him after work.  It means having dinner on the table when he comes home from a hard days work in the hot sun.  It means having the house clean so he can sit and relax.  It means listening to how his day went, if he wants to share.

Being thankful is so much more than just saying the words 'Thank You'.   

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