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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love homeschool curricula.  I could just use a little of everything!  For Science, I found Apologia to be great for my oldest two boys for their elem. stage.  The 'Exploring Creation with Zoology - Flying Creatures, Swimming Creatures and Land Creatures'.  But when we got to the middle school stage, they started to lose interest in the textbook style 'Exploring Creation with General & Physical Science'.  But now, we are going back to Apologia 'Biology'.... I think for this fall. 

Unlike my little one (who is now 8 yrs. old) is doing a little of everything.  We use Apologia, aBeka, a stack of misc. Science Experiment books,.... you name it.  I guess I will never find the 'perfect' science curricula because each of my boys are different.  Their styles, attention span, interests, etc.  I love that about them.  It gives me a variety as well since I don't really 'crave' science like my boys.

Share what you use for Science and why.  Looking forward to reading what everyone else uses.  Who knows, maybe we'll try something new.....again:)

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