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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pre-op & surgery consult day

Met with the surgeon her.  Discussed the risks of Lumpectomy (Partial Mastectomy) & Lymph Node removal (1-4 of them).  

Before today, I was under the impression that the risk of Lymphedema was only if they all were removed.  My surgeon explained that from surgery on I will have to be careful with my left arm due to a few (1-4) nodes are being removed.  Which means, no blood pressure taken from that arm, no blood draws or pricks, no insect bites, cuts, scraps, etc.  I guess I am still stuck in that "it will never happen to me" place.  

Pre-op went well.  I'm ready for sx.  All I need is to get rid of this stupid sinus, cough thing and I'll be good to go.  ;)  I am ready for this sx to be over and I'll be one step closer to beating this.

Back to the lymph nodes.  If any cancer is found in these lymph nodes that are removed, the Oncologist is going to recommend chemo.  The surgeon explained that if she finds that a few (2 or more) had cancer in them, then she will need to go in and remove the rest.  So I am definitely praying that the cancer didn't spread.  But again, I am being realistic.  There is a difference in being realistic and negative. Being negative, to me, is confessing the outcome on myself.  I am not doing that.  I am preparing myself for a chemo. battle just in case.  I am preparing my mind, body and soul for this poison that may have to enter my body.  I do however, trust God in this whole entire process.  I won't forgot the promise he made to me on the swing that day.  He said,  "I am going to allow you to go through something. You're going to be fine; I got your back".  I am praying, along with friends and family, that I won't have to go through chemo. of course.  I do know that God is in control and he has given me PEACE.  

I thought about that last night lying in bed.  How amazing is he, that he can anoint a total PEACE over someone with something so terrifying?  Without him, I would be a total basket case right now.  I would be filled with worry and doubt.  So I thank him every day for that PEACE that I know comes from him.

I don't claim to be any kind of expert on cancer.  In fact, I knew hardly anything about the 'c' word until I was diagnosed.  I researched, spoke with friends that went through it, and still don't really understand a lot.  But I hoping that my blog might help someone that was just diagnosed or one who may have a loved one going through this ordeal.  I do know that reading blogs and watching video diaries of women who have gone through this has helped me a lot.

(below)  My hubby, being supportive and trying to get me to smile, made me take a 'selfie' with him while waiting for the surgeon.  I wasn't in a bad mood, just not feeling well that day.  I had a lot to take in.  But I am so glad he is supportive and there for me every step of the way.

 photo KIMG0190.jpeg

So, I feel that I am all ready for the big day next week.  
Say a prayer for me!

PS Thank you for all my family and friends who are praying and following me!  I love you!