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Monday, December 9, 2013

The "S" word.......SOCIALIZATION

With my parents in for Thanksgiving, and the Christmas holiday approaching, I took some time off from the blog.  With Christmas so close, I may be taking a few more weeks to get through that holiday.  With three boys, I don't have a lot of 'blog' time.

Something that was on my mind this week was socialization, yes, again.  I read another article about a Florida mother who was forced to place her children in the public school system in the middle of a custody battle.  Scary thing is, that the soon to be ex-husband wasn't fighting the homeschool arrangement.  When the social worker and the judge found out she was homeschooling, the judge reprimanded her about 'socialization' and ordered the children back into public school.  Yes, HSLDA did intervene. 

So once again, lets talk about the socialization.  But before I make a few points, I would like to say (again) I am NOT against public schooling.  I feel that everyone needs to decide and have the right to choose what kind of education their children receive.

According to Webster's dictionary, the word SOCIALIZE means:

 photo Screenshotfrom2013-12-09090105.png

I don't think that this definition describes what public school brings every child.  In fact, for some (or even most) quite the opposite!

So the question should be what KIND of socialization do you want for your children?  Do you want healthy, positive socializing?  Do you want negative, bullying, derogatory?  Well of course no one wants the second choice, but I have heard some (even Christian) parents say pretty much the same thing by telling me that they want to get their children ready for the 'real world'.  Really?  Well, high school (or any public school) is NOTHING like the real world!

So for me, I ask myself 'Can my boys have a nice conversation with adults and other children without my prompting or forcing'?  My answer is 'yes', so I think my job of 'socializing' (aka the "S" word) my children has been accomplished.  I can send my teen into the store to buy something.  I can tell my 10 year old to please hand out Christmas cards in a nursing home, I can ask my boys to ask an adult for assistance.......this is socializing.  This is the 'real world'.......NOT a public school.

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  1. I love this. I agree. I don't like how people are so quick to judge and say the "S" word either. I would rather my children learn to socialize with every age not just their age group sitting in class for hours. I am NOT against public school at all. I liked it (for the most part when I was in it) but I do know that when my oldest was in 1st grade he was taught the word sex by another student. And I would eat lunch with my children almost once a week. They were rarely allowed to talk in the lunch room. so where was the socialization at then? Also, if I a child got in trouble and had to miss recess they had to stand in the heat outside and watch the others play while the teachers sat under the covered picnic table. so that is not really the socialization I want for my children. But to each their own. I would never ever judge anyone for picking public or homeschool. It is where God has lead you too. and God has lead my family to homeschooling. I will listen to God! That is what he wants for my family <3